MG To Unveil An Affordable Sportscar EV In 2024 As Part Of Its Centenary Celebrations

MG To Unveil An Affordable Sportscar EV In 2024 As Part Of Its Centenary Celebrations

MG, which is going to celebrate its 100th birthday in 2024, is planning on unveiling a production sportscar that will complement its SUV-focused model range haunting back to the brand’s roots. The new model will help MG appeal to a younger audience, and build up enthusiasm around its historic name.

The MG Cyberster, unveiled in concept form at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, received an enthusiastic response, with 5,000 prospective buyers leading to greenlighting the project for production. Autocar reports that the production model of the EV is set to be unveiled in 2024, as part of MG’s centenary celebrations, with official statements hinting at an affordable price.

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While the automaker hasn’t given us an official date yet, a spokesperson said: “We are working on a surprise for you guys. Of course, we know we were the affordable sports car brand in the past, and now we are the new electric vehicle brand, and we will surprise you. We will be in markets that nobody has been in before.”

These words could hint at an affordable and fully electric two-seater roadster, competing with similarly sized ICE-powered models including the Mazda Miata / MX-5. A direct competitor would be the evolution of the Toyota GR Sports EV concept, designed as the spiritual successor to the MR2. Similarly, the production version of the Cyberster concept would serve as a successor to the discontinued TF, which was the last sportscar offered by MG.

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Carl Gotham, head of design at MG UK, admitted that the Cyberster is a “hugely exciting concept” for the designers, describing sportscars as the “lifeblood of the MG DNA”. He revealed that the roadster will be looking into the future while touching on the brand’s heritage and building on its “cutting-edge technology” and “advanced design”.

Naturally, design features like the futuristic lighting units, the protruding aero components, the massive wheels, and the tech-filled interior will be toned-down for production. Similarly, specifications like the advertised 800 km (497 miles) range and the sub-3 second 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint of the concept sound unlikely to be achieved by an affordable EV, and unnecessarily optimistic for the segment.

MG was acquired by Chinese SAIC 16 years ago, leading to a gradual reintroduction of the brand to global markets. The new era of MG has been quite successful, with the brand hoping to reach the one million sale milestone by 2024 in 100 global markets.

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