Lego Unveils New 1,400-Piece, 2ft Long, $180 McLaren Formula 1 Car Kit

Lego Unveils New 1,400-Piece, 2ft Long, $180 McLaren Formula 1 Car Kit

Yesterday, we featured some very blurry images of a McLaren Formula 1 car Lego set, which leaked early, and today we have all of the details on this massive toy.

When the set leaked we were more interested in what it said about the team’s upcoming F1 car, for obvious reasons, but it’s a pretty interesting Lego set in its own right. At 5-inches (13 cm) tall, 25.5 inches (65 cm) long, 10.5-inches (27 cm) wide, and made up of 1,432 pieces, you may have to clear out a lot of space on your shelf once it’s done.

Unfortunately, we’ll still have to wait until February 11 before we know exactly what the team’s new Formula 1 car will look like. That’s because, although this is an interpretation of an F1 car abiding by the 2022 regulations, McLaren calls this an interpretation of its 2021 livery.

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“We are excited to unveil the unique LEGO Technic model of our McLaren F1 car, a fun and engaging product that celebrates our 2021 season livery while giving fans a hands-on interpretation of the new 2022 F1 car design,” said James Key, McLaren Racing’s technical director. “This has been made possible by an agile collaboration with the LEGO Group team, who have truly embraced the spirit of our brave and bold approach to design. The final product looks fantastic, and we cannot wait to make this available to our fans.”

This seems like an odd time to reveal a Lego set if it isn’t actually representative of the 2022 car’s livery, but maybe it’s an attempt at a double-bluff. Either way, there’s still fun to be had in the details, as the model will feature a V6 engine with moving cylinders.

Along with the bricks, the kit also comes with detailed instructions that have been printed in a “coffee-table-style” book that explains the close collaboration that occurred between McLaren Racing and Lego’s designers.

Those looking to buy the car will be able to do so as of March 1, when the kit becomes available globally at a price of $179.99.

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