Ferrari Announces Partnership With Chip Manufacturer Qualcomm

Ferrari Announces Partnership With Chip Manufacturer Qualcomm

Ferrari will start using microchips provided by Qualcomm in both its road vehicles and its Formula 1 cars, the company announced today. The automaker will utilize the San Diego-based tech company’s premium Snapdragon chipset to accelerate its digital transformation.

Ferrari is looking towards the American company for help with its digital cockpit, and its road vehicle division and its F1 team have identified the first common projects, reports Reuters.

“Innovation requires market leaders working together. Thanks to this agreement… we expand our knowledge in digital technologies and web 3.0, areas with great potential for automotive and motorsport,” Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari’s new CEO, said in the statement.

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Vigna is a tech industry veteran, having previously worked at STMicroelectronics, a European chipmaker. He said in November that Ferrari would look outside for technology partnerships as it moves ahead with a transition to cleaner mobility.

The Italian manufacturer is in good company, as a number of other automakers have turned to Qualcomm for their microchip needs. Both General Motors and Volvo plan to use the company’s Snapdragon Cockpit platform to power their infotainment technology, while the chips will also run Renault’s digital displays.

The Snapdragon chipset has been selected by other manufacturers for its increased processing power. According to Volvo, the chips will allow its EVs to perform highly demanding graphics, audio, and artificial intelligence features, all while using very little electricity. Renault, meanwhile, says that its screens are seven times faster with the Qualcomm chips than they were before them.

F1 fans will be able to see the first hint of Ferrari’s relationship with Qualcomm on February 17, when Ferrari unveils its new car for 2022. Dubbed the F1-75, it will bear the Snapdragon logo.

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