Tan-Colored Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R With 1,150 HP Would Look Right At Home In A Desert

Tan-Colored Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R With 1,150 HP Would Look Right At Home In A Desert

Australia is home to some particularly desirable Nissan Skyline GT-Rs and this R34 model is one of the most interesting you’re ever likely to come across.

It is unclear what color this Skyline was finished in when it first left the Nissan factory but it has now been resprayed in a shade of tan that you may expect to find adorning a Toyota Land Cruiser driving along the sand dunes of the Middle East.

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While we don’t think this color rivals some of the most iconic colors offered from the factory for the R34 GT-R, like Midnight Purple and Millenium Jade, we’re sure it turns heads wherever it goes. The license plates reading ‘DSRT EGL’ are especially fitting.

This Skyline has been comprehensively modified by Maatouks Racing in Sydney and has also had its powertrain worked on. Whereas R34 GT-R models were originally produced with the brand’s iconic RB26 2.6-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder, the engine of this R34 has been stroked out to 3.2 liters. The twin-turbo setup has also been ditched in favor of a single, much larger turbocharger. A plethora of other upgrades made, including the fitment of a Haltech ECU, mean this Nissan is now pumping out an extraordinary 1,150 hp at 38 psi of boost.

Playing its part in cooling the engine is an intake sitting where the passenger side headlights was once found. The car is also rocking an aftermarket hood with four large vents to aid in cooling and is sitting on a set of six-spoke black wheels.

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