Where Did That Come From? A Column Suddenly Appears In Front Of A BMW M3

Where Did That Come From? A Column Suddenly Appears In Front Of A BMW M3

Speeding around a parking facility is never a good idea and the owner of this BMW M3 recently discovered what can go wrong if you’re a little too happy with the throttle.

Details about this clip are limited but it has been doing the rounds on social media lately and shows the owner of a blue F80-generation BMW M3 slamming head-on into a concrete support in the parking lot.

While the video is short, we can see the BMW making a right-hand turn but clearly, the driver was carrying way too much speed to make it around safely. After pushing the sports sedan a little too hard, it understeers directly into the block of concrete.

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Clearly, the driver is completely to blame for the incident and while it is sad to see a car like an M3 involved in a crash like this, it’s hard to sympathize with the driver. Sure, the tires may have been a little bit cold if the car had been sitting in the parking lot for a while but the driver should have known better.

The video cuts out shortly after the BMW crashed and we can’t see how much damage it sustained. However, it will probably need a new front bumper, grille, and hood at the very least. It’s entirely possible that the radiator and other parts may have also been damaged.

This clip reminds us of another we recently came across on TikTok. That video shows the driver of a Mitsubishi Outlander also slamming directly into a pole in the middle of a parking lot. Making that crash particularly weird was the fact that the Mitsubishi driver wasn’t speeding and simply didn’t see the pole, perhaps because they were distracted.

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