Boston Couple Reportedly Turned Down $750,000 Offer For A Single Parking Space

Boston Couple Reportedly Turned Down $750,000 Offer For A Single Parking Space

It’s not unusual to see parking spaces in major cities sell for big numbers, but one  in Boston is raising eyebrows as its owner reportedly turned down an offer for $750,000 (£559,211 / €665,715).

The eye-popping figure comes from The Wall Street Journal, which noted a couple are selling their 4,000 square foot (371.6 square meter) condo for $10.5 (£7.8 / €9.3) million. While the price of the four-bedroom condo is notable, the property comes with two covered valet parking spots.

These spots have generated a lot of interest and owner Amy Reeves told the paper they’ve refused multiple offers including one for $750,000 (£559,211 / €665,715) for one of the parking spaces. That’s an obscene amount of money for a parking spot, but it’s not unheard of.

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The Boston Globe noted a parking space at the Brimmer Street Garage was listed for $650,000 (£484,415 / €576,647) in 2015, while a pair of spots behind 298 Commonwealth Ave sold for $560,000 (£417,337 / €496,725) in 2013. Outside of Boston, a parking space in Hong Kong reportedly sold for $1.28 million (£954,131 / €1.14 million) last year.

Getting back to Beantown, the Boston Globe reports parking is such an issue in the city that some people have resorted to using “space savers” such as chairs, buckets, and cones. Designed to save a person’s parking space, these are contentious and have led to acts of vandalism.

In particular, the paper noted an incident that happened last month when a woman moved a trash can to park in a ‘saved’ space. When she returned, one of her tires was slashed and there was a note on the car.

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