2025 Peugeot 1008 Could Be The Most Affordable SUV Of The Range

2025 Peugeot 1008 Could Be The Most Affordable SUV Of The Range

This article includes speculative illustrations for a rumored Peugeot 1008 created by Jean Francois Hubert/SB-Medien for CarScoops that are neither related to nor endorsed by Peugeot.

In an SUV-dominated world where new models are becoming more and more expensive, automakers are trying to expand their range towards more affordable offerings focused on emerging markets. In this context, Peugeot is long-rumored to be working on an even smaller SUV, called 1008, so we gathered all the information we could find on the upcoming French model.

Following the discontinuation of the 108 city car, the 1008 could become the new entry-point in Peugeot’s range, slotting under the larger 2008, 3008, and 5008 SUVs. Our colleagues Jean Francois Hubert/SB-Medien sent us the following speculative rendering on how the model could look like, based on Peugeot’s current design language.

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Our artist’s rendering shows an SUV with a short bonnet, compact dimensions, and a high riding position, with a practical five-door bodystyle. At the front we can see the new Peugeot emblem with a (covered) grille similar in design to the one we saw on the facelifted 3008/5008 and the new 308. The LED headlights have the signature extensions towards the bumper while the two-tone treatment and the toned-up fenders are the finishing touches to its modern aesthetics.

The closest Peugeot has been in the A-SUV segment is the HR-1 concept in 2010, although this didn’t result in a production model. In 2017 and 2019,the company was caught testing prototypes of the 1008 disguised as jacked-up versions of the previous generation 208, indicating that the project was still under development.

The latest rumors about the 1008 circulating French media suggest that it could be sharing the CMP architecture with the Citroën New C3, a 3.98-meter (156.7 inches) SUV developed for India and South America. The same platform is also used by the Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa superminis, while a stretched version is underpinning the larger Peugeot 2008, Opel Mokka, and DS 3 Crossback SUVs.

In terms of dimensions, the Peugeot 1008 could measure between 4.00-4.15 m (157.5-163.4 inches) in length, keeping a safe distance from the 2008 which is 4.30 m (169.3 inches) long. Despite its compact footprint, the tall five-door body would still offer plenty of practicality for the segment, destined for buyers who want more room and capabilities than what they get from a regular city car.

The larger Peugeot 2008 that has sparked buyer’s interest in Europe

Given that the 1008 would most likely be a value-oriented proposal, a natural choice for its powertrains would be the tried and tested 1.2-liter Puretech three-cylinder engine, especially for emerging markets. For Europe, Peugeot could unveil a fully electric e-1008 variant as its most affordable EV, competing with cheaper offerings from other manufacturers.

In terms of market positioning, the Peugeot 1008 could slot between the Toyota Aygo X and Yaris Cross in Europe. In a similar way, it could position itself between the Hyundai Casper (A-SUV) and the Hyundai Bayon (B-SUV) in other markets, merging the best of both worlds. A similar proposal is also expected by Skoda, so there is plenty of future in this in-between segment.

While we don’t have any information on a possible reveal date for the 1008, the fact that Citroën will launch the New C3 in India in the first quarter of 2022 means we could be hearing more news about the possible lion-badged sibling.

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