Lego Introduces 1,106-Piece Piaggio Vespa 125 Set

Lego Introduces 1,106-Piece Piaggio Vespa 125 Set

In honor of Vespa’s 75th anniversary, Lego has created a 1,106-piece set inspired by the classic ’60s scooter.

The new set comes in a very rare color for Lego sets, a pastel pale blue similar to the first colors offered on the original Vespa. The other classic touches intended to make you feel like you’re on your very own Roman holiday are the classic 1960s Italian license plate and the Vespa logo.

“Working with the Vespa team to create this stunning automotive masterpiece was an incredible experience,” said Florian Muller, Senior Designer at the LEGO Group. “Recreating the details of the original model to celebrate the classic 1960s Vespa was one of my favorite parts of designing this set. The set offered me a chance to step back in time and let my imagination flow while designing, and we hope the experience is the same for fans.”

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Measuring in at over 8.5-inches (22 cm) high, 13.5-inches (35 cm) long, and 4.5-inches (12 cm) wide, this set is intended for adults. That means that it features a spare wheel, a detailed engine with a removable cover, a kickstand, and working handlebars. It also comes with a helmet and a bouquet of flowers for which there is space in the Vespa’s accessories basket.

“Working with the LEGO Group was an extraordinary experience because it brought two dreams—the LEGO brand and Vespa—together, which have the unlimited expressive potential that they offer their fans in common,” said Marco Lambri, head of the Piaggio Group Design Center. “Two outstanding brands able to span different ages, always able to reinvent themselves because they have the capacity to unite and to build in their DNA. As designers, the challenge was to have the soft shapes of Vespa coexist with the form of LEGO bricks, a challenge I believe we met with flying colors.”

The Vespa 125 set will be available at and in stores starting on March 1. Prices start at $99.99.

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