Genesis Trademarked “X Speedium Coupe” Name, Could Be For An Electric Sports Car

Genesis Trademarked “X Speedium Coupe” Name, Could Be For An Electric Sports Car

Curious trademark filings have popped up in the Swiss and U.K. intellectual property offices this week that give us hope for a production coupe from Genesis.

First noticed by CarBuzz, the trademarks are for the wordmark “Genesis X Speedium Coupe,” which reminds us of the X Concept that was revealed last year. The “Speedium” part of the name may come from one of Korea’s major racetracks, the Inje Speedium, suggesting that the car will have a performance bent.

Although trademark filings don’t always lead to production vehicles, there is reason to believe that Genesis is looking at the segment. In September 2021, the automaker revealed what it was planning for the decade and, among the darkened vehicle outlines, was something that looked a lot like a coupe.

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The Genesis X Concept, meanwhile, was a four-seat coupe that leaned towards the grand touring end of the spectrum. Although its looks are classicly correct, its powertrain is anything but old school. Details are scant, but Genesis did say that the concept was supposed to be an EV as, indeed, will all of the brand’s new vehicles be, starting in 2025.

Just a few days after the concept was unveiled and the automaker called it a “design statement,” Genesis USA asked its Twitter followers if they would put down a $1,000 deposit on the vehicle.

All of which points to, if not necessarily a sure thing, a very real desire to put the car into production from Genesis. We certainly wouldn’t object if the brand wanted to put a svelte EV coupe onto the market no matter what it’s called.

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