Mitsubishi Allows North American Office Employees To Permanently Work From Home

Mitsubishi Allows North American Office Employees To Permanently Work From Home

Mitsubishi’s North American arm just announced a brand new work-from-home policy that completely removes any minimum number of days in office each year. Its North American headquarters will remain open and workers will continue to have the chance to take part in community enrichment efforts but those who can do their job from home no longer have to come to work officially.

As companies across the globe try to readjust to the new working landscape caused by the pandemic, Mitsubishi says that its new policy is a product of confidence in its workforce.

“Our new work from home policy comes down to one thing: tremendous trust in our employee team,” said recently appointed MMNA CEO Mark Chaffin. “Over the last two years, our employees have risen to the challenges of a global pandemic and historic supply chain disruptions, and they’ve propelled the brand to record-breaking sales success. They’ve demonstrated they can do it all while working from their home and company offices. That commitment should be rewarded with confidence and flexibility, and today, that’s what we’re doing.”

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For the many who have settled into doing their job while in their PJs this will come as a relief. Many companies including Google, which has its employees returning this month, have taken a less lenient approach by requiring multiple days of physical attendance in the office each week.

It’s worth noting that Mitsubishi isn’t going fully remote either. It moved from Cypress, California to Franklin, Tennessee in 2019 and says that it will continue to engage in local investment, volunteering, and hiring. During the pandemic itself, Mitsubishi hired more than 150 new employees.

Despite having a fairly small lineup, Mitsubishi seems very confident in the future of its operation here in America. It highlighted a strong first quarter and its position as the “fastest-growing, non-luxury brand in the industry” as well.

So if you’re looking for a way to stay home for good, the Japanese automaker could potentially be an option, and speaking from personal experience, Franklin, Tennessee is a beautiful area. Of course, the best part is that you don’t have to be there if you don’t want to be.

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