Great News! Dacia Working On Camper Version Of The Jogger

Great News! Dacia Working On Camper Version Of The Jogger

Budget-focused brand Dacia has confirmed that it will be working on a camper version of its MPV, which will be perfect for the tight-fisted camper who doesn’t mind tight quarters. It has, however, canceled plans for a more business-oriented model.

The Jogger is based on the same platform as the Dacia Sandero Stepway and is described as an MPV but sits somewhere between a crossover and a wagon. The brand’s vice president of product, Lionel Jaillet, recently told the media that a version of the vehicle focused on outdoorsy pursuits fits within the brand’s philosophy.

“As for the camper, we are working on it, yes. This should come quite soon,” Jaillet told AutoExpress. “It’s clearly in our philosophy—to extend the level of outdoor activities that our customers can do with our cars. And Jogger has the right spirit for that.”

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The VP also told Autocar that just how extensive the package will be is yet to be determined. Dacia hasn’t yet decided if it wants to design a full, standalone model or simply an extensive set of accessories for it.

A delivery van variant for commercial applications, meanwhile, has been ruled out despite the brand previously hinting that the variant might come. Jaillet blamed regulations for the change of heart.

“The N1 homologation is getting more and more complicated in terms of the sizing of the opening, the sizing and lengths of the car, volumes, payloads, and so on. We are not compliant with N1 on this car,” Jaillet said.

For now, Dacia will focus on outdoor lifestyle vehicles that fit into its design philosophy of creating rugged variants rather than premium or sporty model variants.

“Our playground is ‘outdoor,’” Marc Suss, Dacia’s VP of engineering said. “You can expect some outdoor variants of our cars in the coming months and years, but not luxury or sporty ones.”

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