Would You Let These Two Unloved Datsun 200SXs Follow You Home For $800?

Would You Let These Two Unloved Datsun 200SXs Follow You Home For $800?

The Nissan Silvia is one of the most popular and desirable Japanese classics, beloved by drift enthusiasts and sports car fans alike. Its second generation was unveiled in 1975 with the Datsun 200SX, and these two examples for sale online could represent a chance for somebody to make a unique nostalgic build.

The two Datsun 200SX projects cars are for sale on Facebook marketplace in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and are waiting for somebody to drag them out of the dirt to return them to the road – or the track.

They might not be the prettiest Japanese classic, but there certainly is something about the overstyling that Japanese cars had in the 1970s that makes them appealing. We’d love to see these resurrected with a set of overfenders and gold Enkei 92s.

If the looks aren’t your thing, maybe the powertrain will be. Under the hood of the 200SX is a 2.0-liter overhead cam four-cylinder, good for about 90 horsepower. Although pretty paltry compared to the insane horsepower numbers we’re seeing from four-cylinders these days, 90 ponies is more than enough to have some fun in a car that doesn’t weigh very much.

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Perhaps they’re not worthy of a bare metal restoration, but these little economy cars still feature a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, which could make for a unique drift car build a-la AE86. It wouldn’t be hard to add a few extra ponies to the engine with a turbocharger, or perhaps swap it out completely with a modern drivetrain.

The cars are $400 each, $800 for the pair. Depending on the condition of the sheet metal it might be possible to make both vehicles roadworthy or use the best parts of each car to make one. The blue fender and hood on the gray car suggest that somebody has already attempted that, as the seller notes that one of the vehicles has rust on the frame, but doesn’t say which one.

As the price of everything goes up, enthusiasts will likely need to source less desirable models to get their kicks, and these early Silvia models could be one way to do so.

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Photos Courtesy Johana Amort Facebook Marketplace

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