Stellantis just dropped three new recalls, two for Jeep and a third one for RAM vehicles. Combined, they affect over 350,000 vehicles across numerous model years. In the largest recall of the three, the issue lies with a steering knuckle that could come apart and allow the wheel to fall outward from the car.

Identified as recall 24V-132 by the safety regulators, it includes 338,238 Jeep Grand Cherokees from between 2021 and 2023. According to Jeep, the pinch bolt that attaches the upper control arm to the steering knuckle could be suspect. Some were damaged during production and in those cases, the upper control arm could separate from the knuckle. In that sort of situation, steering would be greatly diminished if not nearly impossible.

As such, Jeep is recalling all of these Grand Cherokees (including the L version) to mend the issue. It says that it expects to find the problem in just one percent of the SUVs in the population.

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 Stellantis Issues 3 Recalls, Including One About Jeep Wheels That Might Fall Off

Jeep technicians will replace the pinch bolts for free to ensure the problem doesn’t occur. According to the recall filing, the company has been informed about 18 warranty claims and one field report related to the issue. Jeep also cautioned that owners might hear an “abnormal noise” when driving over bumps so be on the lookout for that if you drive one of these SUVs.

In a separate recall, it says that 9,433 Jeep Grand Cherokees from the 2023 and 2024 model years have an issue with the auto high beam headlamp controller. If the lighting switch is set to Auto, the vehicle might not illuminate the high beams when the driver requests it. Jeep will have a technician update software in the vehicle to fix the problem.

Finally, a third recall about a Stellantis product involves the RAM Promaster from 2022 and 2023. Approximately one percent of the 27,744 vehicles recalled likely have a seat belt switch sense magnet that doesn’t work right. In cases where the switch sense magnet isn’t functioning as designed, the vehicle might indicate that the driver isn’t wearing a seat belt when in fact they are.

In all cases, owners of affected vehicles can search via their VIN number on NHTSA.gov or call their local dealer for more information. 

 Stellantis Issues 3 Recalls, Including One About Jeep Wheels That Might Fall Off