While production of the popular Dodge Challenger has officially ended as we’re approaching the dawn of the new Charger that will take its place, there are still plenty of them available on dealer lots, eagerly waiting for new owners. Interestingly, some dealerships appear to be in a rush to clear their inventory, as certain models are being offered for prices lower than that of a base Honda HR-V.

That’s right, thanks to a combination of factory rebates, as well as dealer discounts, some Dodge dealers are offering as much as a third off the price of their Challengers in order to sell them. That means that a car that has a manufacturer suggested retail price of around $33,000, is selling for as little as $23,800, or about $800 less than the Honda HR-V’s starting MSRP.

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 You Can Buy A New Dodge Challenger For Less Than A Honda HR-V

These bonkers prices are being offered by Huntington Beach Chrysler, which is adding a $6,730 discount to Dodge’s $10 off per horsepower promotion for the Challenger, Charger, and Durango buyers. Cars Direct reports that the the dealership currently has 111 Challengers in stock, with as many as 38 SXT models priced at $25,000 or lower.

Naturally, you won’t be getting a fire-breathing Hemi V8 for that amount of money. Dodge’s offer of $10 off per horsepower only applies to non-Hellcat models, and it also helps that the V6 Challenger has a relatively reasonable opening MSRP of just $32,800 (excluding $1,595 destination charge).

Although the V6 models are certainly less exciting than the V8 powered Challengers, the 3.6-liter engine still makes a respectable 303 hp (226 kW/307 PS). That’s just 12 fewer horses than the Honda Civic Type R, prices for which start at $44,795, despite that fact that it can’t do a donut.

While we’re not even remotely implying that the Challenger SXT outperforms a Civic Type R — or even an HR-V for that matter, everyone has their reasons for selecting the vehicles they do. Nonetheless, there is something delightful about seeing a model that can sometimes sell for six figures in its most desirable trims also being available in base form for less than the price of a boring, affordable compact crossover.

 You Can Buy A New Dodge Challenger For Less Than A Honda HR-V
A 2024 Honda HR-V for sale at the nearby Norm Reeve Honda in Huntington Beach, California