Google shares plans for Fitbit AI health chatbot that promises personalized insights

Google shares plans for Fitbit AI health chatbot that promises personalized insights

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  • Fitbit is getting a new AI-powered chatbot that analyzes your health data and answers your questions in natural language.
  • The bot will be made available later this year to Fitbit Premium users enrolled in the Fitbit Labs program.

Fitbit users can expect a much smarter health and wellness experience later in 2024 with the introduction of a new AI-powered health chatbot. This feature was revealed at Google’s annual Check Up event and is part of a broader push by Google to integrate AI tools into healthcare.

The Fitbit chatbot, launching later this year as part of Fitbit Labs, will use advanced AI to analyze your health data and translate it into actionable insights. While most health-tracking apps can display personalized insights based on charts and graphs, Google’s approach is taking it a step further. The Fitbit chatbot will analyze the health data collected by Fitbit wearables and allow users to ask questions about their health in natural language.

According to Google, users will be able to use the chatbot as a personalized health coach, asking it about potential connections between different health metrics, like sleep patterns and daily activity levels. The AI will then analyze trends and provide insights, potentially revealing how better sleep coincides with increased activity, as shown in the example Google showed at the event.

Fitbit Chatbot answering a question

While we don’t have detailed information about other capabilities that the chatbot will offer, we do know that initially, this chatbot will be rolled out to Fitbit Premium subscribers with Android devices enrolled in the Fitbit Labs program.

Google also talked about developing a powerful AI model called the Personal Health Large Language Model (LLM). This model, based on Google’s existing Gemini technology, will be explicitly fine-tuned for health and wellness. It aims to analyze user data from both Fitbit and Pixel devices to offer even more comprehensive insights and personalized recommendations.

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Eventually, this Personal Health LLM aspires to be an on-demand health coach, providing actionable guidance to help users achieve their fitness goals. Imagine the chatbot suggesting adjustments to your workout routine based on recent sleep patterns, for example.

The development of Google’s health-focused AI extends beyond Fitbit. Google is also working on a similar LLM called AMIE (Articulate Medical Intelligence Explorer), which is designed to assist medical professionals. AMIE is being tested to see how it can support clinical conversations and aid with tasks like diagnoses and patient communication.

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