While pickup trucks continue to evolve away from their traditional utilitarian origins, the true measure of a good truck is often whether it maintains its appeal in its simplest, most utilitarian form(s). The question remains: does the Tesla Cybertruck diverge too much from the segment’s foundational roots to meet this criterion?

Sugarchow, the creative force behind the @sugardesign_1 Instagram account, took it upon themselves to explore this question. They envisioned various iterations of the all-electric pickup, including a dually version with a dump truck bed in civilian form alongside a similar military variant with tractor wheels, as well as a more ambitious concept, the CyberSemi truck. And, shockingly, it looks alright.

While there are some sudden, awkward body modifications, the open bed frame of the dually model serves as a reminder that the Cybertruck’s shape ultimately still reads as that of a pickup. Additionally, the presence of duallies and steel wheels contribute to its old-fashioned utilitarian style.

Although it looks better than you might have expected, the civilian model does still look out of its element, like when the CEO of a big company tries to wear overalls and a hard hat – we can still see the silk tie poking out from underneath, buddy.

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Credit: @sugardesign_1/Instagram

The perfectly flat section at the back of the cab cuts the angle of the roof off suddenly, reminding us that the Cybertruck doesn’t have a three-box design like other pickups. The awkward rear window is also something of a tip off that the EV’s focus wasn’t really on being a workhorse.

With the added, triangular panels atop the steel bed, it all looks a little more intentional, but it remains clear that the Cybertruck is like no other pickup on the road. And that’s not a bad thing. Tesla knew that traditional pickup buyers weren’t interested in a normal truck from it, so designed one to appeal to its buyers instead.

The military version of the Cybertruck retains the same body modifications with the civilian model but swaps the dually wheel setup for tractor-like tires, while also adding a rocket launcher on the bed for good measure. As for the semi-truck conversion, it looks just as wild as it sounds.

These renderings are a fun look at what Tesla’s futuristic style looks like when it’s mashed up with the opposite of that. It’s cyberpunk meets utilitarianism and, frankly, if there’s someone out there crazy enough to make it happen in real life, we would love to see it.

Credit: @sugardesign_1/Instagram

Note: This story contains illustrations that are neither related to nor endorsed by Tesla