Fisker is struggling to the point of breaking – especially after today’s news that the talks with a major automaker ended, and this video, showing the all-electric Ocean racing a Tesla Model Y Performance, won’t do the EV startup any favors.

Over the past few weeks, the Fisker Ocean has been subjected to a handful of highly critical reviews and the automaker is reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy. Recently, CarWow got its hands on the electric SUV and raced it against its most direct rival and while the Fisker puts up a good fight, it is unable to match the Model Y, despite actually having a horsepower advantage.

If you were to only look at the horsepower and torque figures of the Ocean, you could be excused for thinking it would have the edge over the Tesla. It is driven by a pair of electric motors with 564 hp and 545 lb-ft (740 Nm) of torque with its Boost function enabled.

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By comparison, the Model Y Performance has approximately 456 hp and 497 lb-ft (674 Nm), although that horsepower figure is rated at the wheels, meaning the motors themselves are pushing out over 500 hp.

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Three drag races from a standing start were held between the duo. The results were the same in all three with the Tesla winning. In its best run, it needed 12.4 seconds to complete the quarter mile while the Fisker sprinted down the drag strip in 12.8 seconds.

The Ocean didn’t perform any better in a rolling drag race across the half-mile and was easily beaten by the Model Y. The Tesla also won in a braking test performed between the duo.

Weight is the main reason why the Tesla was able to beat the Fisker in all the tests performed. It tips the scales at approximately 1,997 kg (4,402 lbs) and while that’s a lot, it is significantly less than the portly 2,434 kg (5,366 lbs) of the Fisker.