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Lamborghini And Audi Recall Some Huracans And R8 Because A Scale At The Transmission Shop Lied

A handful of Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan supercars might be out there running around with less transmission fluid than they should have. In response, both brands are recalling affected cars so that they can top the fluids off properly. Thankfully, less than 20 total cars were affected by this strange misstep caused by a […]

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Audi R8 Destroyed After Slamming Into Wall While Drag Racing

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Of All The Main Audi RS Models, Which One Is The Quickest?

Audi‘s RS badge can be found on vehicles of every form these days, whether they be coupes or SUVs, 5-cylinder or 10-cylinder, or even gas-powered or electric. And thanks to Carwow, we get to see essentially one of each compete in a drag race. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to round up every single RS model on […]

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