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Tuned McLaren 720S With 980 HP At The Wheels Is An 8-Second Car

<!––> <!––> This bright purple McLaren 720S takes what is already an extraordinarily fast supercar and turns it into a hypercar-beating monster. Recently featured on an episode of Ridiculous Rides on the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel, this modified 720S is owned by Wheels Boutique in Miami, Florida. Off the bat, it’s worth pointing out that […]

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McLaren 720S Rules Over Ferrari 488 Pista And Lamborghini Aventador SV

There was a time just a few short years ago where the Lamborghini Aventador, particularly in SV guise, was one of the quickest and most ferocious supercars on the market. But that was then and this is now – and things have changed. During a series of performance tests, CarWow pitted a Ferrari 488 Pista […]

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Californian Car Enthusiasts Just Want To Meet Up, Police Prefer Social Distancing

<!––> <!––> Despite much of the United States still being under strict lockdown orders to stop the spread of the coronavirus, it appears many car enthusiasts in California are sick and tired of being stuck at home and held an impromptu car meet over the weekend. The event, attended by entertaining YouTuber effspot, took place […]

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