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Honda E, Toyota Yaris And VW ID.4 To Battle For Title Of 2021 World Car Of The Year

The countdown continues as the finalists for the 2021 World Car Awards have been announced. In the title category of World Car of the Year, the candidates include the Honda e, Toyota Yaris and Volkswagen ID.4. This crop is notable for a couple of reasons as two of them are electric vehicles and two aren’t […]

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Polestar 2 Recalled Stateside Over Defective Software, Could Be Fixed With An OTA Update

Polestar, in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is conducting a recall campaign for the ‘2’ electric saloon in the United States. The issue is apparently the same one that struck certain examples last year in Europe and China, namely a glitch with the battery-energy control module (BECM) microprocessor which could reset, […]

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Polestar To Open 15 New Showrooms In The U.S. With An Apple Store-Like Experience

Polestar, the upmarket, EV-only offshoot from Volvo, will be opening 15 new stores in the US. Known as “Polestar Spaces,” these outlets will apparently be “without the pressures that come from a traditional automotive dealership,” or in other words, tech-style retail outlets. So far, Polestar Spaces were found in Mahwah, NJ, New York City, NY, […]

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