It’s Official: Mercedes Is Killing Off The A-Class In America After 2022

It’s Official: Mercedes Is Killing Off The A-Class In America After 2022

Crossovers have claimed another scalp. This time it’s the Mercedes A-Class sedan, which will be axed in America at the end of the 2022 model year, as the automaker confirmed to us in a statement.

Mercedes introduced the small sedan for 2019 as an affordable entry point to the brand to help hook in younger buyers. But a dealer memo seen by Automotive News says the car won’t make it to its fifth birthday in North America, though sales in other markets should continue.

We asked Merc to confirm the story and outline the reasoning behind the move,with a company spokesperson telling Carscoops the following:

“After careful consideration, MBUSA will no longer offer the V177 A-Class (A220W  / A220W4) sedan in the U.S. after the current model year (MY22). While the A-Class was extremely well received by our customers since its introduction in 2019, this decision is consistent with our ongoing effort to streamline our product offering strategy. The GLA SUV will take over the A-Class’ position as the entry point into the MBUSA product range”.

Mercedes-AMG GLA 45

Beyond Mercedes reasoning, not only is there substantial overlap with the similar CLA four-door coupe built from the same component set, but the timing of the A’s arrival in the U.S. sucked, as it landing in showrooms exactly at the time customers were starting to leave small sedans for small crossovers and SUVs in their droves.

AutoNews reports that A-Class sales maxed out at 17,641 during the model’s first year on sale, but dropped to just 8,108 in 2021, falling 47 per cent on 2020’s total. That compares with 26,677 GLB SUVs sold last year. The CLA didn’t look so hot in 2021, either. It found just 6,822 homes, a drop of 38 percent on the previous year’s sales, so don’t bet against that getting the bullet, too.

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Tellingly, Mercedes moved production of the A-Class sedan from its Aguascalientes, Mexico, plant to Germany in 2020, clearing the way for the Mexican facility to churn out the GLB. On Mercedes’ U.S. retail site the 188 hp 2.0-liter A-Class sedan starts at $33,950, making it only slightly more affordable than the more on-trend GLA ($36,400) and GLB ($38,600). The 302 hp (306 PS) Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan was canned in late 2021.

The report also claims that “shifting corporate priorities” at Mercedes are behind the decision, which suggests that the brand is looking to refocus and concentrate on luxury cars with higher profit margins. Dealers that the website spoke to will welcome the move, some of them expressing frustration at the sheer number of product lines in Merc’s current portfolio, which can cause confusion for buyers, and are difficult to stock.

Mercedes A-Class Sedan

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