Honda Sparks Nostalgia With 1989 Integra’s Accessory Catalog

Honda Sparks Nostalgia With 1989 Integra’s Accessory Catalog

Honda Access, the brand behind the brand’s genuine accessories, has shared the original accessories catalog of the second-generation Integra, giving us some nostalgia for the popular Japanese model from the late ’80s.

The scans show optional accessories for both the coupe and the sedan bodystyles, divided into four categories – exterior, interior, utility, and comfort. We don’t know how to read Japanese but the imagery is pretty self-explanatory, with the photography featuring old-school lighting techniques with black or white background, similar to the car magazine ads from the ’90s.

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Exterior accessories include a soft bodykit with bumper and side sill extensions, a double rear spoiler (mounted on the roof and on the trunk), Integra and VTEC decals, plus different sets of wheels. The bumper-mounted antenna on the sedan makes the Integra look like an embassy car but we guess it would be a cool feature back in the day.

Inside, you could spec your Integra with a luxurious storage tray for jewelry, a central armrest with space for your CD collection, an extra gauge showing the selected gear, a third brake light (back then it was still optional), cupholders, additional speakers, and a clever shoe cabinet in the cargo area. Moreover, the air conditioning was offered as an option to the second-gen Integra. This is the case with many things we now take for granted in new cars, which some decades ago were reserved for high-class trims or luxurious automobiles.

With these scans, Honda celebrated the anniversary of the second-generation Integra that debuted 33 years ago, on April 19, 1989, as the first car with a DOHC VTEC engine. Today, the Integra lives on as a Civic-based sedan in China, and as a premium compact model from Acura in the United States.

Honda’s idea of sharing an old catalog was a very nice way to celebrate Integra’s heritage, and we hope more content like this finds its way into the net.

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