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Feel Like A WRC Driver With This Modified Two-Door Subaru Impreza

There is something about the Subaru Impreza from the ’90s that induces nostalgia into the minds of petrolheads. This feeling is accentuated when the vehicle has WRC references, as is the case with the pictured street-legal rallycar replica from Poland which is currently up for grabs. The listing was published on the Unique Cars For […]

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Nearly 190,000 Subaru Imprezas Built From 2016 To 2019 Need New Headlights Says The NHTSA

A lot of technology goes into the design and construction of modern headlights and according to a new recall, some of that technology isn’t functioning properly in the headlight assemblies of some 188,397 Subaru Imprezas. The recall affects cars built from September 2016 through August of 2019 and will require Subaru to replace the headlight […]

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What’s The Greatest Rally Homologation Special Ever?

Until recently, it’s been many decades since any real homologation special cars have been brought to production. Sure, the upcoming GR Corolla isn’t really one because it doesn’t a rally series equivalent, but the GR Yaris, does, and it’s a proper riot to drive too. That’s got us wondering, which rally homologation special is the […]

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