You told us: You think Qualcomm can retake the top Android spot in the US

You told us: You think Qualcomm can retake the top Android spot in the US

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C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Qualcomm has long been the top chipmaker for Android phones in the US, but Mediatek cited IDC figures to claim the top spot in the market for Q4 2021. This has since been disputed by the US chipmaker, citing Counterpoint Research figures.

Nevertheless, we wanted to know whether Qualcomm can retake (or maintain) the number one spot in the US. Here’s how you voted in this poll.

Do you think Qualcomm can retake the number one spot in the US?


We posted the poll on Tuesday (March 1), and over 2,300 votes were counted. It turns out that ~65% of respondents think Qualcomm could retake its number one spot for Android chipmakers in the US.

This is understandable, as the chipmaker is still a top choice for Android flagship phones. So strong sales in this regard could make a big difference. The company also offers a variety of chips in the volume-focused mid-range and low-end segments.

Otherwise, almost 35% of polled readers say they don’t think Qualcomm can reclaim the top spot in the US. We can see why this might be the case (at least in the short term), as Mediatek is riding a wave of momentum in the mid-range and budget segments in the US. The company also confirmed that it’ll offer a mmWave-capable chipset in the US later this year. More specifically, it said that it would launch its first mid-range mmWave 5G phone in the US in H2 2022.

Either way, between Mediatek’s mmWave plans and Qualcomm’s rumored move to TSMC for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus, it sounds like the second half of 2022 could be very interesting.

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