Is This Mk4 Toyota Supra With Ferrari Taillights And Lexus Headlamps Too Ugly To Love?

Is This Mk4 Toyota Supra With Ferrari Taillights And Lexus Headlamps Too Ugly To Love?

The A80 MK IV Toyota Supra is a classic sports car with incredible lore, great styling, and some wild pricing in the second-hand market. But not all Mk4s are equal. Take this very customized sample for example, which is dirt cheap by comparison, but you’re going to have to be cool with some very questionable design choices.

On its face, it’s clear that this Supra isn’t normal but the headlights almost seem to fit. Perhaps that’s because they come from a Toyota Windom – known in the United States as the fourth-generation Lexus ES 300. So the headlights are closely related enough because they’re literally from the family. Does that make them beautiful though?

However, the rear is where things get really strange because instead of the classic and iconic MkIV Supra tail lights, you’ll find a set from a Ferrari 360 Modena (we’re not not sure if they’re original or knockoffs). The Modena was another iconic and beautiful car but at least to our eye, this combo doesn’t seem to harmonize very well.

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Still, this Supra still sports the famous turbocharged inline-six engine and a manual transmission. It also has a few upgrades like a BLITZ intercooler, Recaro seats, Brembo brakes, and Volk Racing Wheels. It’s a pretty potent package that sounds like a lot of fun so long as all it’s working well.

We should point out that despite how weird these changes might look or how much some of us might dislike them, the craftsmanship is well above average. Honestly, it almost looks like a non-licensed pseudo-copy of a real-world vehicle that we’d find in a video game, only brought back into the real world.

And maybe that’s the big game plan for the owner. They wanted something that would make them totally stand out no matter where they went and surely this would do it. Underneath it all, that powerful power plant might provide enough pleasure for its driver that they forget what the outside looks like.

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