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2030 Tesla CyberTrail: We Envision An Electrified Jeep Wrangler Fighter

This story contains independent illustrations penned by CarScoops’ artist Josh Byrnes that are neither related to nor endorsed by Tesla. Love or hate Tesla, you cannot deny their impact on supercharging the electric vehicle scene amongst a sea of ICE-addicted legacy automakers. Are they perfect? No; their product quality has been hit and miss, as are […]

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Tesla Cybertruck Filmed With Side Mirrors, Still No Door Handles In Supposedly Leaked Video

The Tesla Cybertruck has been the subject of some curiosity lately but a new set of photos and a walkaround video appear to show a closer-to-production version of the truck suggesting that Tesla is marching (crawling?) forward with the vehicle. Some are calling this a leaked video, but given that the person shooting it doesn’t […]

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